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jQuery ImageViewer lightbox with adspots

A lean and mean responsive monetizing image lightbox plugin that supports adspots on the side! Different ad sizes right next to your fancy lightbox images. Work in progress, so check for updates regularly.. Maybe even a wordpress plugin soon..

More info soon..

Demo with ads

Free Download

Download ImageViewer V0.9

ImageViewer.js is completely free. So you are welcome to us it for any of your projects. As a thank you, you could buy me a beer or coffee with PayPal. Very much appreciated! :-)
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Download ImageViewer.js from Github and don't forget to fork me on Github!

Easy implementation


First load dependent files

<link href="assets/css/imageviewer.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="assets/javascript/imageviewer.js"></script>

Then add the links to your images, no need to add classes. File extensions should be jpg, jpeg, gif or png.

<a href="assets/images/01.jpg">Image 1</a>
<a href="assets/images/02.jpg">Image 2</a>
<a href="assets/images/03.jpg">Image 3</a>
<a href="assets/images/04.jpg">Image 4</a>
<a href="assets/images/05.jpg">Image 5</a>


$(document).ready( function(){
    $('a[href$=".jpg"], a[href$=".jpeg"], a[href$=".gif"], a[href$=".png"]').imageviewer();




var imageviewersettings = {
    loop : true,
    keys : true,
    touch : true, // work in progress
    controls : true,
    paging : true,
    caption : true,
    animation: true,
    animspeed: 600,
    preload : true, // work in progress
    grouped : true, // work in progress
    adspots: : {},
  • Loop: (true or false)
  • Keys: use keyboard arrows to navigate and ESC to close (true or false)
  • Touch: Support touch devices (true or false)
  • Controls: Display previous/next controls (true or false)
  • Paging: Show pagination (true or false)
  • Caption: Show caption, title attribute from link
  • Animation: Transitions between images animated (true or false)
  • Animspeed: Time of transition in milliseconds (default 600)
  • Preload: Preload next image for faster display (true of false)
  • Grouped: Only browse through the clicked group of images (true or false)
  • Adspots: Object of supported ad widths of 300, 428, 728, 120 and 160px.